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Owner of ATOMIC Ballroom, Shesha Marvin is an upstanding member of the Orange County Swing Community putting together wonderful dance events for all, including the wildly successful Dance A Thon.
7 January 7, 2010

Top 10 Reasons why you should join Swing Pre-Team

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10. The team experience helps you push your dancing to a higher level. Many of the swing dancers you enjoy watching today are or were once members of a dance team. 9. Be coached rather than taught. If you want to be a good dancer you have to take personal responsibility for your training. James is your coach; he will push you and give you the tools to progress using your own super powers. 8. Get a taste of performing. At the end of the 6 week series you will have the opportunity to perform your audition routine in front of your peers.

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5 December 5, 2009

ATOMIC Kids dance in Parade

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Young Lindy Hoppers Luc and Kimmery dance in a parade for Watersafe Swim School See the video by clicking here ATOMIC Ballroom lindy hoppers Luc (age 14) and Kimmery (Age 12) danced in a parade in Seal Beach, CA last night. The parade was hosted by the city of Seal Beach. Ginny Ferguson, another ATOMIC Ballroom swing and salsa dancer, organized Luc and Kimmery to bring attention to her Watersafe swim school based in Fountain Valley, CA. This was the 22nd time that Watersafe Swim School has marched in that parade. Ginny is the founder of NOVA and is the creator of the widely used Smart Fish Method. Dancers Luc, Kimmery, and Ginny are all students of Shesha Marvin, a professional swing dance teacher and president of the OC Swing Dance Club and owner of ATOMIC Ballroom. As a side note, Ginny is the personal swim teacher of Shesha and Nikki's baby girl, Anjali. So, if you see the Kids or Ginny out dancing be sure to throw a high five their way.

30 November 30, 2009

Shesha and Sarah win the US Open

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Sarah Breck and I were proud to represent Lindy Hop at the US Open Swing Dance Championships in 2009.

In a "Strictly" Lindy contest we improvise to a song chosen by the DJ. Our content must be lindy hop, rather than balboa or Shag, or West Coast Swing. At the US open they have four "Strictly" divisions; West Coast Swing, Hand Dancing, St. Louis Shag, and Lindy Hop. At the end of those contests they top 5 of each Genré participate in a team battle.

27 November 27, 2009

Dance is art and art is moody

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We all have good dance days and bad dance days. Sometimes those of us that take our dancing seriously get down on ourselves when we have bad dance day. It's important to keep in mind that these slumps don't make us bad dancers. It may be that we are bad technicians that day but we are still good "dancers". Dancing is an art just like painting.

19 July 19, 2009

To rotate or not to rotate

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To rotate or not to rotate

To rotate or not to rotate

When you take a group class at ATOMIC Ballroom you will quickly find that we rotate partners. Your instructor will say, "Thank your partner, and rotate." Dance studios rotate partners because
  • Classes are not evenly matched with leaders and followers.
  • Many students come alone and would like to meet more than one person.
  • Every partner "feels" different. Because partner dancing is based on lead and follow it's a good idea to develop a versatile connection.
  • When you go to a dance you will know many partners because you will have danced with them before during class.
Some people come to class with a partner already. However it's still a VERY good idea to rotate partners.
10 June 10, 2009

Beginner Tips for Viennese Waltz

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Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese waltz was born in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria in the 1700’s. The waltz was originally a folk dance, danced by peasants in Austria and Bavaria. Many of the familiar waltz tunes can be traced back to simple peasant yodeling melodies. The word, waltz comes from the old German word “walzen” which means to roll, turn, or to glide.
29 April 29, 2009

Frankie Manning 1914 – 2009

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Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning with the Big Apple Dancers.

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our wonderful friend. Mr. Frankie Manning passed away peacefully early this morning at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York from complications of pneumonia. As many of you know, we would not be where we are today without his talent, creativity, inspiration and SMILE!
3 March 3, 2009

Lindy Hoppers on Dancing with the Stars

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My wife Nikki and I had the fun and stressful experience of performing lindy hop on Dancing with the Stars in '07. We danced to a rock song "Dance Dance" by Fallout Boy. Like always, the producers of the show like to showcase the dancing to contemporary music.
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