Make your first dance special

Your first dance with your new Husband or Wife should be about what’s to come, the happiness you will experience together, and joy of finding your soul mate. Your first dance should not be filled with anxiety, stress, and stepped on feet.  That is where ATOMIC ballroom can help!

Our highly trained staff of world class instructors can help guide you through the entire process. From taking your first swingin’ steps, to finding the right song and the big dip finale.

Trisha Pollock

To make this process as easy as can be, may we introduce Trisha Pollock. Trisha is our go-to-girl for all things wedding. From the start, Trisha will walk you through the process of finding the right instructor, creating a lesson package perfect for the two of you, and making sure that you wow all your guests with your fancy new moves.

Learning how to dance is stressful enough, making it happen shouldn’t be.

Send Trisha an email, or call her today to get your dance lessons started!