Fusion Dance Program

What is fusion?
Fusion welcomes dancers to combine or alternate between all dance styles and to use elements of dance styles not typically associated with certain songs. Fusion movement has a foundation in blues movement and fusion typically carries the pulse of blues despite a change in musical interpretation.

So is fusion another name for blues dancing?
Though often used interchangeably, the two terms refer to different dance styles and communities. We understand fusion’s connection to blues can be confusing, but to use the terms interchangeably is inaccurate.

So then what is blues?
Blues is an idiom of dance rooted in African movement. Blues offers expression in improvisation, solo movements, rhythm and polyrhythm. This historical dance has variations based on region, and so sounds can be traditional and somber, playful and jazzy, or somewhere in between.

What does fusion look like and what can I expect at a fusion venue?
Fusion can look like a variety of styles because a variety of styles are welcome. Partner-dance backgrounds are emphasized to mitigate injuries. A well-established frame – no matter the background – assists in reducing injuries and discomfort throughout the dancefloor.

It is normal and expected for both leads and follows to appropriately gesture or verbally request, accept, or deny dances. If a dance is denied for any (or no) reason it should not be taken personally. Similarly, movements within the dance are an invitation and should not be forced; movements should feel uplifting and comfortable. Dance is a conversation in that there is a give and take between partners, albeit nonverbally.

What should I do if I experience something uncomfortable or inappropriate?
If you experience something uncomfortable or inappropriate, please make immediate actions to adjust for comfort and safety. This may include setting boundaries verbally, exercising boundary-setting techniques taught in lessons (e.g. frame adjustments, steps, etc.), or exiting the situation outright and contacting an Atomic Fusion Lounge Coordinator. Everything in partner dance should be an invitation; this means that you are not required to do anything uncomfortable as a lead or follow.

If you are unsure about a situation within the dance, side conversation, or otherwise, contact an Atomic Fusion Lounge Coordinator. The coordinators are often found near the DJ booth and make announcements during the lesson and social. You can also reach out to us through the Facebook group “Fusion Lounge at ATOMIC Ballroom.” We take your safety and wellbeing seriously. We will initiate the appropriate actions and follow up with management until resolved. We reserve the right to remove any patron at our discretion at any time.

What will I gain from a fusion lesson?
Due to the lack of dominating footwork, fusion lessons focus on communication and lead-follow connection. Lessons build from warm-ups with connection fundamentals (e.g. counterbalance, resistance, core activation, etc.) to a sequence of moves and holds utilizing connection principles. All levels are welcome, and instructor-provided feedback is met at your level. Instructors can guide you through intention of movements, clean collections, and offer further stylizing options. There can also be special focus in musicality, etiquette, floorcraft, or other topics.

Where is fusion danced?
Fusion is expressed all over the world and can be unique to each region. Some communities favor slower and smaller movements, while others prefer faster and ‘bigger’ movements. Our fusion community extends from Orange County to San Diego and Los Angeles.

What music can I expect?
Fusion socials most often portray electronic or modern pop songs, but you will hear a variety of blues, swing, and Latin sounds as well. Fusion can be moderate, fast, or slow in tempo and usually focuses on one theme per set.

Who do I contact for more information on fusion?
If you would like to learn more about our community and events, please reach out to an Atomic Fusion Lounge Coordinator after nightly announcements or any time that is convenient for you. We are also available through the Facebook group “Fusion Lounge at Atomic Ballroom”.

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