Get Involved at Atomic Ballroom

If you love Atomic Ballroom and want to be a part of what makes this place so magical, we want you on our team! Getting involved doesn’t mean making a huge commitment. If you want to contribute, we would love to hear your ideas for how you want to channel your talents and energies into making Atomic an even better place to come dance!

Our staff works hard to keep the studio clean every day. But we couldn’t do it without our Scholarship Team (Scholies, for short). Want to volunteer your time to mop some floors and dust some shelves? We’ll give you class credit in exchange for a weekly one-hour shift!

Do you have a nice camera and like to take action shots? We’re always looking for photographers to take pictures of our students dancing. We’ll give you class credit in exchange for 3 shoots a month. Show us what you can do!

Are you already posting on social media about dancing at Atomic Ballroom? Include #atomicballroom in your post and show it to a front desk staff member to receive a free drink!

We have a very small, hardworking staff at Atomic Ballroom. If you want to be a part of the team, we are always excited to hire new staff members who understand and embody what Atomic is about.

Do you have any other ideas for how to make Atomic an even happier place to be? Let us know how you’d like to contribute your time and energy!

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