You do not need a partner to take dance classes or to go dancing. Both couples and singles are welcome. We rotate partners in our group classes. At the dances you can dance with anybody in the room. That is part of the fun!
No experience needed! Most people who start social dance classes have NO dance experience at all.

Dance classes are casual. Some evening dances are dressier than others but most are casual. Saturday night Ballroom dances and Sunday night Milongas are at least a step up from casual. Some people also like to dress up for live bands. Wear shoes that don’t fall off.

For Belly Dancing classes you should come in stretchy, form fitting clothes that are easy to move in, no shoes necessary.

We offer several options for purchasing group classes. Check them out on our Prices page. None of these expire, and you can them use for ANY class at ATOMIC Ballroom.

If you are new to our studio, the New Student Special is the best deal for you.

Private lesson prices vary depending on the package that is right for your goals. Best to email us at or call us at 949.250.3332.

Social dances are $16 every night of the week. All social dances are included when you take a Group Class or Private Lesson that same day!

“2 left feet” is a curable condition. It’s really just about recognizing weight changes. Our teachers are specialists in their respective dances and will help you feel comfortable moving your own body.
No. However it’s a very good idea to rotate partners even if you have one. The short reason is that you don’t want to get used to each other’s bad habits. Social dancing is very much about adjusting to each person you dance with. However at the end of the day, it’s up to you. It’s very common for couples to try not rotating. Often they find they have more fun involving themselves with the class.