Private Lessons at ATOMIC Ballroom

How Private Lessons Work

Step 1: Buy and schedule your first private lesson

Your first private lesson is just $50! Email to start the conversation. We will ask you questions about what kind of dancing you are interested in, and will pair you with a teacher that can get you started. Click here to buy now.

Step 2: Buy a package of private lessons.

You can always take a-la-carte private lessons for $149. However, you can get a great deal on lessons if you buy a package. Our Front Desk Staff would love to show you the Private Lesson Package options we offer. Let us know what your dance goals are so we can recommend the best package for you. Keep in mind that you can use your lessons to take from multiple teachers. Learning multiple styles of dancing and learning from multiple teachers is the best way to become a well rounded social dancer.

Step 3: Book Your Private Lessons

We always work with your schedule to help make taking Private Lessons as simple as possible. You can book by emailing us at We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so feel free to let us know if your plans have changed up until the day before your lesson to avoid being charged. We are always happy to accommodate changes to your schedule.

Are Private Lessons for Me?

  • Are you nervous about dancing in front of other people?

  • Are you concerned you might not keep up in a group class?

  • Do you want to accelerate your learning beyond the speed of a group class?

  • Do you want to skip dancing with other students and dance with a professional?

  • Are you getting married or preparing for a dance function?

  • Do you want to compete at dance competitions?

  • Do you want to perform routines like on the TV show Dancing with the Stars?

  • Do you have special needs?

  • Do you want more personal attention than group classes offer?

Have Questions? Let us help.