West Coast Swing Program

Experience the timeless joy of swing dance with a modern twist in West Coast Swing! This contemporary style, rooted in Lindy Hop, adapts to modern music. With its elastic partner connection, improvisation-friendly steps, and slotted area on the dance floor, it combines techniques from various dance styles. From Pop to Jazz, enjoy dancing to today’s hits in this sexy and sophisticated swing dance. Take group classes with our incredible instructors and dance all night at our social dance on Mondays and Thursdays.

Register Using the ATOMIC Ballroom App
Sign up using our ATOMIC Ballroom App. Available now for iOS and Android devices. Email dance@atomicballroom.com for help with registration.

Birthday Lists!
Let us know when it’s your birthday and you and up to 10 of your friends can join us for FREE on your birthday on a Thursday night for the classes and the dance! This is only for Swingin’ the Blues social dances on Thursday nights and is not applicable to special events.
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