ATOMIC Ballroom offers floor space for rent every day of the week!

Our intimate atmosphere, spacious studios, and great sound system combine to make the perfect place to teach your private lessons, practice with a partner, or host a dance workshop.

To Book a Room:
Call us at (949) 250-3332 or email us at for information on availability and to book a space.

24 hours notice required to cancel floor rentals without being charged.

If you have never been to our studio before, be sure to use our Directions page!

Hours of Availability
Sunday – Friday
12:00pm to 10:00pm

11:00am to 10:00pm

Rooms can be booked as far in advance as you would like, as long as the rental doesn’t fall during peak hours (5:30pm to 10:00pm). To book during those times, call or email the day-of to reserve your spot.

Shared Floor Rentals: $16 per hour
-For 3 people or fewer
-May require space to be shared with other groups
-Applies to all rooms

Private Room Rental: $60 per hour
-For 4 people or more
-Room will not be shared
-Applies to B1, B2, and Loft

Workshop Room Rental:
-Rent B1, B2, or Loft for $60/hour or 50/50 split of gross income (ideal for workshops with fewer than 30 people)
-Rent Main Ballroom for $100/hour or 50/50 split of gross income (ideal for workshops with more than 30 people)

Room Details


Dimensions: 48’6″ x 31′
Capacity determined by type of event

Studio B1

Dimensions: 19’10” x 40’5″
Comfortably fits up to 30 people

Studio B2

Dimensions: 19’7″ x 39’3″
Comfortably fits up to 30 people


Dimensions: 18′ x 39′
Comfortably fits up to 30 people