ATOMIC Wedding Lessons

Plan Early

Whether you just want to learn a few simple steps or a flashy routine, starting your lessons early will help lessen the stress as you get close to the big day.

Choose Your Music

Bring us some of your favorite music and we’ll help you choose your first dance song and the dance style that best suites you and your wedding!

Book a Private Lesson

Private lessons give you one-on-one time with your instructor who will break the dance down in detail.

Planning your perfect wedding day can be a daunting task, and with so many details to remember, you just may overlook that one special moment … your first dance.
ATOMIC Ballroom is here to help you plan this magical moment as Mr. and Mrs!

Call us today at 949-250-3332 to get started!

Wedding Lesson Packages

ATOMIC Ballroom offers custom wedding packages for you and your partner. We will work with your timeline and dance goals to create the perfect dance package for you and your partner to be.


First Private Lesson • $50