Whitey's Lindy Hoppers

Whitey's Lindy Hoppers

I’ve tried to come up with some rules of dance for myself and for my students.  I’m looking for universal truths.  Things that are hard to argue against.  But of course…feel free :-)

Rule #1
Dance To The Music

Dance on beat AND to the rhythm of the music.  If the music you are dancing to swings then you should swing your footwork and movements.  A good dancer’s movements and phrasing will change depending on the music he or she is dancing to.

Rule #2
Be Centered

That’s right!  Quit falling all over the place.  When you are standing by yourself you are centered.  The challenge when you are dancing is to be “counter centered”.  In other words, your partner has a direct affect on your balance.  Develop the skill to instantly adjust to your partners balance shifts.

In lindy hop its a good rule as well to dance on your toes.  Other slower dances often encourage a “heel lead” followed by a weight transfer to the toes.