Our personal website gurus

It has been one year since our good friends at Five Lines Media upgraded our website, and we couldn’t be happier with how the site has turned out. Starting with a small, local website, Kyle and his team were able to produce a nationally recognized website and blog that provide everything the ATOMIC community could want. Throughout the year the website saw itself grow, change, improve and become even better with every passing upgrade. The continued enhancement of the design and added features are making the online ATOMIC experience as exciting and enjoyable as visiting the ballroom in person.

  • Full calendar section with class schedule and event information
  • Teacher bios, complete with upcoming class schedules
  • Rich blog section with a wide array of articles
  • Event and program information
  • and of course, a beautiful look

As ATOMIC Ballroom approaches the new year with a second location, we are continuing to work closely with Five Lines Media to expand the website even more. Some of the new include a more robust navigation system, enhanced blog area, easily find classes for each location, a mobile platform and of course more ATOMIC content! We are looking forward to another wonderful year with Five Lines Media.