10. The team experience helps you push your dancing to a higher level.
Many of the swing dancers you enjoy watching today are or were once members of a dance team.

9. Be coached rather than taught.
If you want to be a good dancer you have to take personal responsibility for your training. James is your coach; he will push you and give you the tools to progress using your own super powers.

8. Get a taste of performing.
At the end of the 6 week series you will have the opportunity to perform your audition routine in front of your peers.

7. Develop great lead and follow technique.
You will rotate partners during rehearsals so that you don’t get used to anybody’s bad habits.

6. Learn California Routine and Stops
They are 2 famous vintage routines that are an essential part of your swing dance education. You will audition with these routines.

5. Get those creative juices flowin’!
You and a partner will need to choreograph “eight eights” to be performed as the finale of your audition.

4. It’s cheap!
18 whole hours of instruction and it’s all only $100! That’s 70% off normal class cost.

3. Exercise 3 hours every Saturday from 10:30am – 1:30pm
An awesome way to tackle that new year’s resolution.

2. Join the ATOMIC Swing Team
Pass your audition on Feb 27th and have the opportunity to participate in the next season of the ATOMIC Swing Team that will be performing around town and competing at the National Jitterbug Championships / Camp Hollywood mid-summer.

1. It’s fun!
Teams are a lot of work, but they’re also a social activity. After a while, the team almost starts to feel like family!

Click here for the Pre-Team page.  Starts Sat Jan 16th 10:30am.  Sign up early if you can.  Space is limited to 50.