To rotate or not to rotate

To rotate or not to rotate

When you take a group class at ATOMIC Ballroom you will quickly find that we rotate partners.  Your instructor will say, “Thank your partner, and rotate.”

Dance studios rotate partners because

  • Classes are not evenly matched with leaders and followers.
  • Many students come alone and would like to meet more than one person.
  • Every partner “feels” different.  Because partner dancing is based on lead and follow it’s a good idea to develop a versatile connection.
  • When you go to a dance you will know many partners because you will have danced with them before during class.

Some people come to class with a partner already.  However it’s still a VERY good idea to rotate partners.  If you are a couple you should still consider rotating partners because

  • You will learn faster because you have that pressure to keep up.
  • You won’t “fight” like even the most loving couples do.  There is a couple dynamic when learning a new skill especially when one is naturally better than the other.
  • If you only dance with one person you will get used to their bad habits. Social dancing is a lead and follow skill based on good technique.
  • Even couples want to know other people when they go to an evening dance.  It’s fun to meet new people and other couples so that you have people to hang out with.
  • It’s fun to come back to each other in the rotation and be better each time you go around.

If you are a couple and you still want to only dance with each other please feel free.  Everybody dances for their own reasons so it’s up to you.  Here are some reasons couples choose not to rotate.

  • They are getting married this weekend.
  • They are on their honeymoon :-)
  • They are not comfortable sharing for personal reasons.
  • Their marriage councilor told them to “play together”.

Final thoughts:  Most people in classes, including couples, choose to rotate naturally with the class and have a great time.  Couples that don’t rotate just hug each other during the rotation and ask the next partner to “pass” on to the next rotating person.  In some rare cases the instructor will politely recommend to a fighting couple that they rotate with the class.  Remember, learning to dance is FUN.  Enjoy it.