Join us every Tuesday at Atomic for some ridiculously great Swing Music to dance to! The Balboa is a Orange County born dance that's smooth, stylish, and done in a close embrace, so there is plenty of room for all swing dancers! Lindy Hop and all other styles of swing dancing are also encouraged in The Balboa Room. The tempos will be fast so be ready to make your feet fly!
8:30pm The Balboa Room
$18 per class (or use your punch card)
$8 for the dance only (includes the Swingin' Sock Hop)
$12 when there is live music or just $4 if taking a class.

For changes to the schedule and to keep up to date with our all our Swing Dance classes, take a look at our schedule by clicking here.
Group classes: Take advantage of our $70 New Student Special and get a 10 Group Class Virtual Punch Card. That’s 50% off the normal price! Our New Student Special can only be purchased on your first visit. After that, you can pay with an ATOMIC package, Punch Card, or $18 per class (any group class also includes admission to the evening dance that night, unless there is live music or a special performance).