Swing & Lindy Hop Program

The Lindy Hop is a rhythmic and joyous swing dance created by the African American community in the early part of the 20th century. We teach these dances out of love and respect for the history of the dance. These swing dances include Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Soul, and Blues. Which are typically danced to vintage jazz, neo-swing, blues, jump blues, and big band music.

Tuesday’s • Lindy Hop Classes
with Mikey Pedroza & Nikki Marvin
Location: Atomic Ballroom


Learn the grandfather of the swing dances with Beginning Lindy Hop! Total beginners are welcome. Dress is casual. Wear shoes that don’t fall off. For those looking to be challenged with more technique, choreography, and cool moves we offer Int/Adv classes. We do require that you have experience dancing Lindy Hop when signing up for these classes. You should already be able to social dance swing outs and be able to mix and match 8 count and 6 count patterns.

Friday’s • Balboa Classes
with Jeremy Otth
Location: Atomic Ballroom


The basic steps of Balboa are very simple and allow for a variety of footwork variations. It’s mostly danced in a closed position and usually danced to vintage jazz music. Once you’ve learned the basic steps and can execute moves like lollies & partnered turns, you are ready to get fancy in the Intermediate class! Come learn this fun Orange County swing dance with us!

Balboa is a form of swing dance that started as early as 1915 and gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. It is danced primarily in close embrace and is led with a full body connection. The art of Balboa is the subtle communication between the lead and follow, like weight shifts, that most viewers cannot see.

Swing and Lindy Hop Events and Classes

Pre-Registration is required.
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Covid-19 Precautions:
In order to maintain social distancing and provide a safe atmosphere for you to dance, there is a limited number of slots available in each class. Each slot can fit either 1 or 2 students. If you and your partner wish to reserve a slot, one of you must sign up for this class title and the other must sign up in the Partner Registration class of the same time slot. There will be no rotating of partners during classes. Both staff and students will wear masks while in the studio at all times. All students should enter at the front of the studio before class, and then exit out the back of the studio after class. We will have a 15 minute transition period between classes. The doors will be open. Fans will be on. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.