Get to know this tango aficionado whose ID shows his age as 60, but swears that he feels twenty-one, all thanks to dance!

Avi Win was born and raised in Israel and has danced from the day that he could stand. He was first drawn to dance by the music, rhythm and pure love of dance.

Avi first sought out ATOMIC Ballroom to take dance classes and attend the popular, weekly Argentine tango Milonga’s, where he most enjoys ATOMIC’s friendly vibe. Years later he now specializes in Argentine tango and is proud to have received training from among the best instructors in Buenos Aires. He has since been teaching Argentine tango for the last 12 years, and has also enjoyed performing. Avi once went out dancing seven nights per week, but now averages about 2-3 nights of social dancing each week. While He has dedicated much of his time to mastering tango, Avi might like to try line dance someday.

“Life changing as we say, tango is not only a dance,” Avi recited to convey just how much dance means to him. When asked if dance has helped him get through difficult life challenges such as a tragic loss, Avi answered emphatically, “A big YES!” And also added that dance has provided many other benefits including mental, emotional, as well as tremendous benefits to his physical health. It has even helped her in him current profession, in which he asserted, “Working on it as we speak.”

He’s proud to report that his love of dance is shared by his family and other close loved ones. Speaking of loved ones, to those who believe that dance is not a “manly” thing to do, Avi assures them that “The dance floor is the best place to find your better half. Try it out.” Avi would know this well and speaks from experience, as he didn’t simply make a romantic connection through dance, rather he fell in love with and is in fact still together with his dance partner, turned life partner of over 20 years! With so many ballroom couples having had met their other halves because of dance, there is clearly something to this famed matchmaking haven!

And to those who think that going out dancing is only for young people, Avi replies, “Age is only a number on your ID. Furthermore, dancing will actually keep you feeling in your twenties.” To prove his point, Avi states that “Although my ID states my age as 60, inside I feel 21. And yes I drink beer!” This sassy, youthful spirt assures that the only thing that would cause him to stop dancing is (in his words), “Crossing over to the other side of life.”

As an instructor and true lover of dance, Avi strives to be encouraging to beginners. Stressing that non-dancers should give dance a try because they would limit their fun otherwise. Also adding that people shouldn’t say no to themselves and should give new things a try. Clearly this 60 year old going on twenty-one isn’t planning on slowing down or limiting his fun anytime soon!


*The animal Avi identifies with most is a fox… and surely because they are quick and light on their feet!

*Star sign – Leo

*Favorite dancers – Nestor Ray and Patricia.

*Favorite saying – “Dance like no one is watching” …Even if they do.

* Desired superpower – To increase brain power for all.