Imagine a school where students were excited to get to class rather than leave. Or teachers who most students could relate to, rather than feel alienated from. This is the case for students and faculty at the following schools, where teachers and even principals unite as one with their students on the class room floor and the dance floor.

Check out these fun clips of school staff members shaking things up, both literally and figuratively with their adoring students; helping to improve focus, physical activity, academic performance, and of course school spirit!


Principal of Lake Mary High School, Dr. Reynolds, jumps in on step team routine showing some serious spirit and impressive dance skills.



Teachers take over high school pep rally and teach students a lesson on how to get down!
A team of teachers perform an exhausting 4 minute routine packed with choreography at Riverside High School, El Paso, TX.
Trinity High School teachers perform a lengthy routine alongside the Trojan Crew.
Fifth grade teachers steal the show! Teacher dance battle act. Old school VS new.
Elementary school teachers dance to a medley of some of the most popular dance crazes.
Teachers at Barton Hills Elementary school in Texas team up with parents for a larger than life dance number!