Face Dance Challenge

//Face Dance Challenge

Everyone has heard the expressions “Smile with your eyes” and “Speaking without words.” Well those sayings have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest dance craze called FaceDance!

So what exactly IS face dancing? Apart from the obvious, (artistic) movement and expression using ones face, it is a fun phenomenon sweeping the globe.vWhile making faces is nothing new, doing it with the help of technology and global competition is.

Developed by Diffcat, FDC is a game app that can be downloaded to your phone via iOS and Android. Players are tasked with trying to match their facial expressions to various emoticons that appear on the screen. Players score points based on how closely the facial expressions can be matched via facial recognition technology. While the premise sounds simple, it has been described by some players as much harder than it seems due to the accurate precision required.
As the emoticons quickly scroll across the screen, seeming to disappear almost as quickly as they first appeared, players have to keep their eyes on the prize and the screen in order to stay alive (and possibly win). Players can compete alone against the game, and then try to outdo themselves; or can compete against a friend playing along. The app spun off into #FaceDanceChallenge and went viral with players challenging each other to fierce competition across Asia and throughout the globe.

Similar to performing choreography with ones body, players need to think quick on their feet and be nimble on their toes, while allowing their minds to be free from distractions. Patience is a must while hand-eye coordination is a plus, with more emphasis on the eyes of course.
FaceDance Challenge utilizes the smartphone users camera to register their facial expressions and compare them with those appearing on the screen. While much of the pre-programed music is EDM and dubstep, the game does allow users to add their own music and search for specific songs, as well as allowing users to record their games to show off to the world, and allowing the option to purchase an add free version for one dollar.

The FaceDance game has been described in the likes of other interactive video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, and won MobileSyrup’s Game of the Week honor for the last week in August this year.

While broadway, ballroom, hip-hop and other dance styles are often judged by facial expression just as much as footwork, it makes sense to work on characters and expression by getting some practice playing the FaceDance Challenge game. You can have fun working your face while giving your feet a break!


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