Spring Fever: Wild Mating Dance Videos!

//Spring Fever: Wild Mating Dance Videos!

The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, flowers are blooming and everyone is buzzing about with spring fever. Just take a look outside of your window and you’re sure to see animals of all kinds in the midst of spring fever. Whether showcasing their mating dances or giving birth to offspring, ’tis the time for spring flings. We aren’t the only ones who like to dance. Have a look at these funny, charming videos of animals showing off their best dance moves, signaling the arrival of spring and the hope of securing a mate!

Although we tend to think of birds as the primary animals that perform mating dances, there are countless other creatures in the animal kingdom that use flashy moves and fancy footwork to attract a mate, thereby better ensuring their own survival.


Often called the Michael Jackson bird, this guy has moves rarely seen amongst humans, much less out in the wild!

This tiny spider, smaller than an average pinky nail, has to show off his stuff in order to stand out in his world of giants.


Even the enormous, powerful ostrich has to prove his prowess with impressive moves.


The sultry dance of the bower bird catches the attention of all in sight.


The blue footed booby stomps his way into his mate’s heart.

The majestic peacock displays his feathered glory in a dance unlike no other!

Not only does the bower bird dance for his potential partner, but he is also expected to decorate his bachelor pad with whatever he can find strewn about (typically items stolen from nearby picnickers, and ideally, blue in color, as the females are most drawn to this shade)!



As they swim off together in smooth synchronization, it is the female seahorse which impregnates the male.


As nature shows us, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, are smooth on your feet or have two left feet, there’s always a reason to get out there, strut your stuff and dance!

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