During the swing and lindy hop revival of the 1990’s, musicians turned to talented dancers and performers to bring their music videos to life.  Today, musicians are again turning to the Orange County and Southern California dancers to add athletic, dynamic movement into their videos.  This week we’d like to honor many of the amazing Atomic dancers featured on the small screen – particularly The Atomic Ballroom owners Shesha and Nikki Marvin.

Music Videos Featuring Atomic Dancers

Let’s begin with our most recent

Nikki Marvin and Minn Vo – Tim Timebomb “She’s Drunk All The Time”

Nikki, Nick Williams, Mikey Pedroza and vintage clips – Capital Cities “Safe And Sound”

Shesha Marvin, Nikki, Minn, Chandrae Roettig, Stefanie Klausmann, Jonathan Redavid, Vincenzo Fesi and many more – Matthew Morrison “It Don’t Mean A Thing”

Shesha, Nikki, Nick, Chandrae, Minn, Marshall Watson, Kaylin Macias, Katie Mae Harrington and Angel Griffin – Katy Perry “Thinking Of You”(Extended)

Note: If you watch closely you will see some of the guys are featured as WWII soldiers

The Atomic Cherry Bombs – Hollerado “Got To Lose”

For more on Lindy Hop in Music Videos

I can’t wait to see what music video Atomic dancers show up in next! And it is exciting to know musicians and directors are still attracted to and interested in swing and lindy hop. If you want to see more music videos, check out Mikey Pedroza’s vlog featuring some of the music videos from the past decade. Read about Nikki’s experiences on the Hollerado shoot with the Atomic Cherry Bombs. And then get on YouTube to discover a number of music videos featuring swing dancers from around the world!