Adventures in Social Swing Dancing

//Adventures in Social Swing Dancing

Ballroom, Swing, Salsa and Tango all have rich histories of social dancing in which socializing was the primary focus of the dance. The art of social dancing is one of the cornerstones of Atomic Ballroom where any dance may be led and followed in a relaxed, easy atmosphere. This coming weekend we will focus on the art of social swing dancing.  Atomic Ballroom instructor and DJ, Peter Flahiff, will be helping attendees learn new footwork, moves, and styling while giving them the ability to enhance what they already know so that both partners can have an enjoyably night of social dancing.
Any dance can be done for a performance, competition, or social purposes. Take a moment to appreciate the casual act of being social on the dance floor! And don’t forget to stop at Atomic in Irvine to learn something new and have all of your questions answered by the amazing Peter Flahiff.

A Short History of Social Swing Dancing

Social Swingin’ in the 1930’s

Los Angeles Swing 1936

It’s in the Stars : 1938

Social Swing Dancing Thru the 1980s

Swinging at Disneyland Orange County CA – A 55 Year Tradition of Social Dance

Social Dancing at Strutters Ball & Atomic Ballroom

Social Dancing for a Cause – 24 Hour Cancer Dance-A-Thon

Thanks to advances in media, social dancing has remained one of the most popular pastimes of people all over the world. As the dances continue to evolve and influence each other, one thing is clear: humans love using movement to interact and be social with each other.

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Shani Brown discovered swing dancing in the late 90s as she eased out of gymnastics into a new physical activity. When she moved to Orange County in 2000, she discovered a whole new world of Balboa and Lindyhop - and she's been obsessed ever since! When she's not hitchhiking to dance events across the country, she's probably got her nose in a book...And when she's not dancing, she's probably talking about dancing or watching dancing and being a typical dance-geek.