As we gear up for Inspiration Weekend 2013

We all have periods of feeling uninspired, when you slip into a pattern of mental (and physical) hibernation during the winter and by habit or distraction the flame of creativity is stymied and extinguished.  Well, spring is just around the corner and with it comes a chance to dust off the cobwebs, inject some life into those feet and find your creative spark at Inspiration Weekend!     

For those of us in need of some motivation to get off the couch or a little shove in a new direction, let’s begin igniting your passion for dynamic lindy hop, classy balboa, kickin’ charleston and smooth blues.

So where does your inspiration come from?

First, you’ve got to enrich your mind by reading or studying video and train your body with classes and practice.  Go on a forum and read up on the latest discussion.  Watch an old movie to see vintage fashion and body lines.  Take a trip and dance somewhere outside of your community.  Go to a lecture on teaching methods for adults.  Listen to only Chick Webb for a week.  Take an intro class for another dance – you never know if that mambo step will help you jazz up that swingout.

Once you have cultivated data for the imagination your mind has somewhere to draw inspiration from.  Out of the din comes something which inspires awe.  It is that ah-ha moment where you decide that not only are you excited by that specific move, syncopation, musical bridge, etc., but you are inclined to put interest into action.  That is inspiration.  The impetus to transform, grow and pass on inspiration to others.

I am inspired by the instructor line-up!

This year’s team of inspirational instructors boasts of Skye & Frida, Mike & Casey, Thomas & Annie and the return of OCs favorite tap dancer and DJ, Peter Flahiff.  This group of dancers are uniquely capable of inspiring everyone from beginners to rising stars and fellow instructor/performers.  Peter, who has been dancing, performing and teaching swing in southern California for 20 years, knows how to push and pace any level of dance class.  Skye and Frida have a way of making even the most complicated musical syncopation seem a cakewalk.  Mike and Casey’s breath of knowledge in vintage dances will have you obsessing over every variation in the shim sham.  And Thomas and Annie will push your limits in strength and stamina – and you thought you couldn’t do a pancake at 50, ha!

Here is just a bit of inspiration to light your fire…

Skye & Frida – ILHC 2011

Thomas & Annie – ILHC 2012

Mike & Casey (with SoCal dancers Nikki Marvin & Jeremy Otth) – LindyFocusVIII

Peter Flahiff (with Hannah Tripp) – Jump Session Show 2011