Benny Goodman Artie Shaw

The King of Swing vs The King of the Clarinet

I LOVE Artie Shaw!  If I had been born in the ‘right time’ I would’ve been following that swanky band leader around, batting my eyelashes at him.  I know Benny  Goodman is the King of Swing, the master with the plan and the guy with “the stare“, but there is something about the way Artie’s clarinet takes on the sound of a human voice – laughing, singing, wailing.

This week, DJ Kyle Smith gave us 10 Great Artie Shaw Songs…GO LISTEN!!

And although the media really hyped up their rivalry, there is something to learn in the differences between these two clarinet players with similar backgrounds.

Benny Goodman – Roll ‘Em


Artie Shaw – Moonglow