West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

WCS Dance Has it ALL!

West Coast Swing is truly a dance all ages can enjoy, whether you’re stepping to some steady classic rock with a long time partner, getting groovy with a slow and sexy blues number, or in the mood to ramp it up with a quick pop tune.  This is one of the most versatile social dances in the US.

While Lindy Hop (Balboa in particular) is my true love, there seems to be little use for knowledge of a vintage dance in the modern world.  Unless its a themed celebration, most weddings, office parties or nightclubs do not play much pre-1950’s music – And trying to awkwardly swingout to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face in a crowd of confused onlookers somehow does not always seem appropriate.  Instead – with just a few basics under my belt – I can enjoy a musically playful West Coast Swing dance with anybody.  And because this dance evolved along with the popular music of the day, you will find you can easily incorporate lindy hop, country swing, hip hop and even modern influences into your moves.  Now I feel comfortable casually dancing to ANY song.

West Coast Swing can be danced to any music in 4/4 time – Some like it slow, mid tempo is great for everyone, and there’s even hyper speed for those energetic types.  Each music type gives each dance its own feel and look.  The key is learning to keep your moves smooth and relaxed, giving follows plenty of time to shine as she essentially walks back and forth on her ‘slot.’  And while it seems easy to accomplish, it never hurts to brush up on your technique.

Maybe you’re the structured and goal oriented type?  Well, West Coast Swing dancing does not have to be just another social dance.  Like International Ballroom, this dance can be a highly competitive lifestyle of weekend camps, dazzling costumes, codified point systems and numerous contests.

My favorite (recent) clip of West Coast Swing Professionals – Jordan Frisbee and Jessica Cox (not regular partners) in a improvisational Strictly US Open Competition:

Turn Up The Heat and Put on a Show – Atomic’s Ben Morris and partner Melina Ramirez are always taking it to the next level:

Where To Go West Coast Swing Dancing

Hosted by West Coast Swing Champion Ben Morris

Hosted by the Orange County West Coast Swing Club (OCWCSC)

Hosted by LindyGroove co-founder Doug Silton & WCS dancer Pete Green


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