Last year over 800 dancers participated in the 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon.

Last year over 800 dancers participated in the 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon.

March has just opened up a bit for swing dancers in Orange County.

This year, the 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon will be taking place on November 12th-13th 2011 from noon to noon. If you’ve never participated in the Dance-a-thon, it is truly a moving, fun, exhausting, and wonderful experience.

For the last few years the Dance-a-thon has taken place in March, and the move to November accomplishes a few things:

  • Extra time to collect donations for The City of Hope
  • Plenty of time for dancers to get Dance-a-thon ready (yoga has been my secret for a quick recovery time!)
  • The freedom for Shesha and Nikki to bring back Inspiration Weekend, a fun dance-filled weeked in Orange County on March 4, 5, and 6 2011.

There’s nothing quite like getting together with great people, dancing for 24 hours straight, and doing it all to raise money for an organization that is working to eradicate cancer.  The sad truth is that the people who can say their lives haven’t been touched by cancer are few and far between, and the City of Hope is at the forefront of new treatments, research, and stellar patient and family care.  I’m getting dance-ready for November – I’ve got multiple pairs of dance shoes to keep my feet comfortable and I’m practicing yoga three times a week so that come November I’ll be ready to dance for a day.

It’s not too early to start thinking about your teams, to get together and to start raising funds.  I can’t wait to see all of you come out to Lindy Hop for Hope.