Roller Skate Program

Lace-up and roll out with Atomic Ballroom’s new roller skate program. Learn to dance on your skates! It’s a super fun way to work out, to make friends, and to feel inspired. These group classes will give you the tools you need to practice throughout the week. Class topics will evolve with the group, so show up and make them your own. Mask required. You must bring your own roller skates, we do not rent any at the ballroom. Pre-registration required. If you miss your class you must still pay for the class. Cancelations close 60 minutes before the class. Thank you for understanding as class space is very limited.

Saturday’s • Roller SKate Classes
with Leo Ra James
Location: Atomic Ballroom

  • 6pm • Roller Skate Basics (Forward, Backward, Crossing, & Stopping)
  • 7pm • Skate Line Dances (bring your requests!)

Roller Skate Events and Classes

Pre-Registration is required.
Sign up below or by using our ATOMIC Ballroom App. Available now for iOS and Android devices.

Covid-19 Precautions:
In order to maintain social distancing and provide a safe atmosphere for you to dance, there is a limited number of slots available in each class. Each slot can fit either 1 or 2 students. If you and your partner wish to reserve a slot, one of you must sign up for this class title and the other must sign up in the Partner Registration class of the same time slot. There will be no rotating of partners during classes. Both staff and students will wear masks while in the studio at all times. All students should enter at the front of the studio before class, and then exit out the back of the studio after class. We will have a 15 minute transition period between classes. The doors will be open. Fans will be on. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.