Most would agree that 2021 has been another year for the record books in many ways! As we all continue to try to find a new normal, one constant that has remained (and thank goodness for that) is ATOMIC Ballroom!

Riding out the highs and lows of this Pandemic much like a massive wave out at sea, ATOMIC staff have remained steadfast and dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming atmosphere, ripe with dynamic classes filled with engaging material.

Always keeping in line with the latest protocols and information, the ballroom has been able to continually pivot in order to ensure the safety of all participants and staff at all times. From temporarily shutting its doors early on in the Pandemic, as was required by local mandates at the time; to staying on the forefront of the latest tech trends and innovation (in so) keeping the community connected and dancing even while quarantined at home. Joining the wave of Zoomers early on in the Pandemic, ATOMIC began offering a variety of classes online. Taught by a handful of instructors, participants were able to join in on their favorite classes live, and all from the safety and comfort of their own homes! While many would otherwise be bored and inactive at home, ballroom patrons were able to keep on dancing virtually during the difficult time.

Upon re-opening and re-adjusting to the quickly changing landscape, ATOMIC implemented indoor mask requirements and proof of vaccination displays for entry on certain nights. Additional stations with hand sanitizer and other essentials were also installed throughout the ballroom. With so many of the partner dances literally danced arm in arm and cheek to cheek, it’s imperative to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to the latest medical and safety regulations.

Over the past year ATOMIC stayed ahead of the curve in other ways too in bringing the annual showcase back home to the studio floors! Adding exciting classes like roller skate dance brought retro style and fun into the present day with new, funky ways to express oneself through movement. Rolling into the new year skating classes will continue each Saturday with Leo Ra!

The new year also kicks off with a series of very special bootcamps! Starting on January 8th with a swing session and a country themed camp, the ballroom will bring you two bootcamps per week from 12:15-3:15 PM. January 15th and 16th will be west coast swing and Argentine tango bootcamps. January 29th is the ballroom bootcamp followed by the salsa & bachata bootcamps to end the month with a bang. With so much to fill your 2022 calendars right away, it’s sure to help start of the new year on the right foot both literally and figuratively!