The top three things on Jesse’s post pandemic bucket list are to travel, ditch the mask and dance, dance, dance!

Hailing from Bend, Oregon, Jesse Brummet’s love for dance began at a local country bar. Described as active, creative, helpful, kind and affectionate, Jesse embodies each of these qualities both on and off the dance floor. He got into dancing initially by taking group lessons and practicing often; then he eventually began training in west coast swing, country two-step, Brazilian zouk and night club two step.

Jesse was able to cope with life in quarantine and being physically distant from friends by staying connected with them online via messaging apps. He admits that it took him a few months to break his routine of going out dancing every night of the week and traveling (to dance) most weekends. While this was quite an adjustment for him, he managed with the support of fellow dancers in the community. While he didn’t get to dance as much as he would have liked to over the quarantine period, he did manage to practice a bit with a fellow WCS aficionado periodically. 

During lockdowns Jesse visited ATOMIC periodically to rent floor space. He did this to help show support while having a nice floor to dance on. Since ATOMIC’S re-opening Jesse has been regularly attending Thursday night socials again, and is thrilled to back in the ballroom. He suggests that studio owners and event organizers should have some Vax only events for those who otherwise may not be comfortable, to also start dancing again. Otherwise, Jesse’s a fan of the current measures utilizing different colored wrist bands to show who is comfortable dancing without a mask or hugs.

Missing friendship and physical contact like hugs the most, Jesse along with countless others look forward to re-establishing that special connection that’s especially fostered through dance. He makes it a point to note “Feel free to ask me to dance. I love dancing with everyone, but don’t always get the chance to ask everyone. So if you want to dance, just ask!” That is just like Jesse, always extending himself to others while emphasizing his passion for dance and sharing that with those around him.

During the height of the pandemic Jesse re-discovered fishing, an old hobby. doing it almost every weekend during lockdown. Other activities that he focused in on during this period were cooking, investing and working on his finances. Reminiscing on the past year and a half, Jesse reflects, “This pandemic has given me the space and time to try and figure out lots of parts of my life and I am very thankful for that. I always try to find the good parts of negative situations.” That he does!           

On his connection to dance and its significance in his life, Jesse shares that “Dance has allowed me to express myself and feel like I am part of a community. And not just any community, but one that is full of many amazing people that I have been able to meet. Additionally, it has helped me to become more social, confident and break out of my introverted tendencies. The person I am today is much different than the one I was before dance.”

Favorite quote:“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Favorite ritual after a night out dancing: Stretching and sleeping.