Having begun as a year full of unexpected twists and turns, it’s hard to believe that summer is upon us here in the U.S. Without all of the summer music and dance festivals, street fairs, parades or large beach gatherings this year will be unlike any other, and one for the record books without a doubt. While some may be tempted to stay in their pajamas, curl up into a ball and hibernate until this is all over, luckily there is still fun to be had and creative ways to do so.

Throughout the country, people are still permitted to walk about freely in certain areas so long as crowding doesn’t occur and social distancing and masking guidelines are adhered to. This is a great time to get some much-needed Vitamin E from being out in the sun for a few minutes a day. But since many people are still largely homebound, it’s important to find things to do at home that keep you active and also entertained if possible. Incredibly ATOMIC’S Live Stream classes kill two birds with one stone!

Whether you’re a dancing machine or have two left feet, ATOMIC has something for you! It’s as easy as registering at https://atomicballroom.com/livestream/ or ATOMIC’S app and then following the simple instructions to join your live, interactive class! You will get to connect with your instructor all while working on your dance technique and get some exercise all at once, and from the comfort of your own home! You have the option of requesting specific teachers, as well as use your current ATOMIC Ballroom punch cards and VIP Memberships. Furthermore, ATOMIC’S annual Red Tag Sale will continue until July 31st, so that you can load up on classes that you can fill those long days with fun, dynamic dancing that is good for your body and brain!

In case you hadn’t heard, ATOMIC Ballroom is open for private lessons and floor rentals! Due to precautions from adherence to State guidelines, this is currently on a limited basis. So during this time, you would just e-mail dance@atomicballroom.com to set up private lessons; it’s as simple as that!

We are lucky to have a dance home that continues to strive to provide a space for us to continue to train, keep active, and improve our technique while keeping connected with the community. So it’s important to be able to help support this place that has been there for our dance community for so long. That way, when the dust begins to settle, we’ll be able to return to that beautiful space that welcomed us with a warm embrace much like that favorite dance that you never want to end.