Dance Away Those Lockdown Days

//Dance Away Those Lockdown Days

With all of the quickly changing circumstances as a result of recent conditions, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed by all that’s going on throughout the country. With so many depressing headlines about the Pandemic out of our control, it’s important to find a safe outlet to help channel some of the noise. But with so many popular forms of release and places for escape shut down of inaccessible, many have had to get creative in finding alternative forms of entertainment, exercise, connection and just trying to stay sane in all this madness! 

One great way to check off all of these boxes simultaneously is to dance. If you’re bored out of your mind, dance! If you’re getting but-burn from the sofa, get up and dance! If you need a fun, freeing exercise that allows you to connect with others simultaneously, or just some fresh content to post – dance!

If you haven’t yet tried any of ATOMIC’s awesome live stream classes, now is the time! If you’re locked down alone, this is a great way to connect with others – in particular the instructor. You get to see your instructor face to face, live (over your computer screen), and communicate with the instructor during the lesson – just as you would in person! If you happen to be hunkered down at home with family or friends, invite them to join the fun with you. But just one warning, they’ll surely get hooked!

This is also the perfect opportunity to share your love of dance with loved ones at a distance. Thanks to technological innovations with video conferencing and more, it’s never been easier to share your passions with the world. Those located in other states, far off cities or even different countries can connect simultaneously over Zoom. All that you have to do is invite them to join a live stream class taught by one of ATOMIC’s finest instructors, where they will be warmly welcomed to the ATOMIC family by its friendly staff and patrons. If you happen to have loved ones who may be shy, or perhaps not yet up for an in-person class, then live-stream classes are just the right thing to get them started, and also off of the couch, all right from the privacy and comfort of home.

Good list dancing as a must-try activity on their list of fun virtual birthday party ideas you can do while social distancing. In addition to dance being a fun party idea, it has also been shown to offer many health benefits; including cardiovascular conditioning, neurological benefits including memory and helping to lessens some effects of dementia. Dancing has also been touted as improving blood circulation, offering stress relief, and can also help to promote healthy social relationships and meaningful connections. Some studies even suggest that physical activity such as dance can increase serotonin levels … which is something that we all could use right about now! 

So with all of these benefits, how could one not dance during these difficult times? From tango to WCS to bachata footwork, you can choose from a variety of styles while honing your skills from beginner basics to intermediate and advanced techniques and beyond. So if you think that you have a touch of cabin fever or quarantine fatigue you’re not alone. Find out what all of the excitement is about as you learn and grow and move and grove your way through quarantine!

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