The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote “Moderation in all things, especially moderation,” is a quote that the jovial Dylan Perlson tries to apply to his own life.

A student who was born and raised in Orange County, Dylan didn’t start dancing until he moved to San Diego to attend University of California San Diego. Just two years ago at the age of 18 he joined the Salsa Society at UC San Diego. It’s incredible to think that only a few years ago he hadn’t yet discovered dance, but now he insists that the one thing that he couldn’t live without is dance! Most frequent social dancers can really relate to this need to have dance in their lives at all costs! Despite the rigorous college life and schedule that he’s still adjusting to, Dylan tries to go out dancing at least once a week, and more when possible.

While his favorite dance styles are hiphop, B-boy and salsa, he has yet to try Zouk, stating that he really wants to try fusing Zouk movements with bachata. This charismatic dancers other hobby is comedy improv.

Dylan’s passion for dance, connection and socializing with those who share his passion drives him to drop by ATOMIC whenever he can, despite living a quite a distance from the ballroom. Instantly he fit right into ATOMIC’s welcoming social scene with his easy going, friendly nature. 

Dylan first attended ATOMIC at the recommendation of his sister, who had previously attended and really enjoyed it. On his ATOMIC experience Dylan says “The thing I enjoy most about Atomic is their friendly atmosphere. I’ve never been to a dance location where I talk with people as much as I also dance. Plus Atomic doesn’t blast music, so it helps the friendly atmosphere because you can actually hear others.”

Acknowledging just how much dance brings people together, sometimes romantically, Dylan went on to share, “I haven’t dated anyone in the dance scene… yet. I definitely support dating other dancers, because it would be great to have a partner who shares the same passions as myself.“ Speaking of passion, Dylans passing’s for dance is only surpassed by his heart and determination. He has a condition called Tourette’s syndrome, a nervous system disorder that causes people to make sudden movements or sounds, called tics, that they can’t control. However many people would be surprised to learn that Dylan has Tourette’s, as his symptoms are not as obvious as others may experience. He is an inspiration to so many by being so open about it, and showing the world that it doesn’t have to stop one from enjoying life, and especially dancing.

Of all the animals in the world, Dylan believes that he’s most like a dolphin because they’re intelligent and social. Interestingly, many believe that dolphins always seem to be smiling and frolic about with boundless, cheerful energy… not like Dylan!

The opposite of this cheerful, positive energy is the misinformed idea that dance is not for everyone, and that those who don’t fit the stereotypical “profile” are to be ridiculed. So to those who believe that dance is just for women or not a “manly” thing to do, Dylan says, “I feel a lot of men say this because they are trying to put up a macho facade for women. But I guarantee women are more impressed with men who can dance and have a good time than those who put down others.”

And to those who don’t consider dance a sport, Dylan confidently claps back, “Can you even body roll?” Touché Dylan, touché!