Born in Fountain Valley, California and raised in Mission Viejo, Ali Mushtaq is has a gift for gab and a flair for what’s fab! 

Ali was first introduced to formal dance training after taking a salsa workshop in high school, and realized that it was something he really enjoyed doing.

Ali later signed up to dance at ATOMIC because he wanted to learn more about dancing and improve his technique He has since been dancing for seven years. While he hasn’t considered teaching, he sees tremendous value in studying and mastering the art form. He first began his training with country dancing at age 22. He then moved into the world of West Coast Swing, which has since become his speciality. 

Ali has yet to explore Lindy hop and Argentine tango, but is interested in studying those styles.

Lately, he goes out dancing weekly, but admits that he should be going out more. Social dancing has become such an important part of Ali’s regular routine that it’s hard for him to imagine life without it.

Ali feels lucky to have such supportive family members through his dance journey, especially many other patrons). This has been of great benefit to him with his sometimes high octane life and persona.

Ali finds that dance also helps him to navigate certain professional and personal situations by reminding him that there are different ways to think about situations rather than just having tunnel vision or staying within ones comfort zones.

While Ali is a major social butterfly who has made a mountain of friends in the ballroom, he makes it a point not to date other dancers within his dance circle, or the scene in general; because, as he puts it, “I do not want to create drama at a place that I like.”

On how dance haas impacted his life Ali explains, “Dance means a lot and it helps me relate better to other people, and really understand the relationship of cause and effect much better.” 

With a primary focal point of becoming a better dancer, Ali has made ATOMIC his home, and continues to learn, grow and share his love of dance with whomever he encounters.



—Other interest are Sociology and Teaching. 

—Least favorite dance: rumba 

—Goes gaga for West coast swing. 

—Finds that some people are surprised to learn that he possesses a lot of skill sets that aren’t dance related. 

—A guilty pleasure would have to be Lindy!