It seems fitting that larger than life personality and Renaissance woman Rebecca Elise Friar,
hails from Texas, where they say that  “Everything’s bigger”, as her impressive resume and huge personality live up to that old adage!

Growing up in Houston, Two step and country western dancing were  big deals and quite an influence all around her. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t quite enough to get her dancing just yet. What got her on the dance floor was her passion and ear for music. She played various instruments and has always had a passion for all music and the arts, describing herself as “very kinesthetic.” Rebecca was figure skater, untrained in dance when she first started taking dance classes in her youth. Many years later, a Lindy dancer named Jeff Glass peaked her interest in signing up at ATOMIC after gushing about the place known as the friendliest ballroom in town.

Since it was a friendly relationship that ultimately led Rebecca to start dancing, it should come as no surprise that other friendships, as well as romantic relationships often organically blossom in this amiable, non-intimidating environment. When asked her thoughts on dating in the social dance scene, Rebecca explained, “I think it has to be clear. It has to be a scheduled singles night with intention, otherwise it gets muddy. I never intended on dating through dance, but some posses the interest in both.” It just to happens that Rebecca does have a romantic partner who also loves to dance – his dance of choice being tap. While some people insist on keeping their dating life and dance life separate, Rebecca believes that sharing the love of dance with her partner only adds to their relationship, by sharing a special, meaningful experience together.

With a demanding professional life, Rebecca finds that dance keeps her sane and is a catharsis. So despite her busy schedule, she manages to squeeze four or more nights of dancing per week into her already full schedule.
Dance has become so precious to her that Rebecca yearns to learn how to move properly and understand how to tell the story of the music. She aspires to evoke emotions from audiences and enjoyment of her performances. Rebecca explains, “Dance is expression with no wrong. It is individual and frees one to connect with another human and be present – it teaches listening skills and so many things.” Because dance is so special to her, she envisions that all people might one day understand the joy and freedom from motion in music. Dance has helped Rebecca in other ways, such as overcoming a concussion and other major challenges. It has also allowed her to check out and just be be, at a time when that was all that she needed.

Rebecca was able to fight through prior shoulder and knee injuries due to her inner strength, determination, and love of dance. This reflective woman whose hope in life is for all people to understand their gifts, learn tolerance and experience unconditional love, is proudly part of a loving family of social dancers who are tightly connected through this transformative art form. On this she says, ” (My) favorite things about dancing at ATOMIC are having the same people there and the community that it creates. Adding, “It’s a tight network. I love the non-threatening social network that it promotes.”

When not dancing, this media savvy Geneticist loves to work out.
Somehow finds time to hike, travel and do medial mission work as hobbies!
(Also mixing in reading and photography into the mix).
Guilty pleasures are West coast swing, zouk, and Argentine tango.
Some might be surprised to know –  Rebecca majored in Biology and media studies – balancing genetics and and multi-media training all in one!  She sells her own art too!
Don’t be surprised if she winds up teaching beginning dance for fun someday!