Originally from Argentina, Claudio Otero shares aspects of his culture with the world through his love and passion for tango.

Having danced since the tender age of four, Gabriel can’t even conceive of how dance has changed his life, as it’s been part of it for so long that he can’t remember life before dance!

Claudio is also trained in ballet, salsa and flamenco dance. In addition to Argentine tango, he also specializes in Argentine folklore dance styles also known as “guacho”. Guacho, another name for cowboy or rancher, symbolizes a lifestyle out in the country. It is also symbolic of dances that pay homage to traditions of country life in Argentina, and thus couldn’t be more different than tango, which hails from the busy city metropolis.

Claudio and his partner, fellow ATOMIC instructor Lauren Woods, currently perform regular shows that feature Argentine folklore dances like Guacho, Candomble and Chacarera’, along with tango of course!

Claudio teaches Argentine tango classes at ATOMIC throughout the week, with a full line up on Sundays. Following Sunday evening classes, students can enjoy the Milonga dance social where they can show off their moves amongst instructors like Claudio, as well as participants of all levels. Claudio professed that it was ATOMIC’s friendly ambience and its students’ dedication that made him want to work here. In his time at ATOMIC thus far, he has only added to its overall friendly ambience with his welcoming smile and humorous     disposition.

Interestingly, when asked what superpower he wishes he possessed, he answered “to make people happy.” He then bashfully added, “I have it sometimes, but mostly, my power doesn’t work.” Spoken like a humble soul who could have gone with the ubiquitous ‘wishing to fly,’ ‘have super hero strength,’ or even to have X-ray vision replies. His wish to have a power to allow him to do good for others exemplifies his genuine, compassionate nature.

Most people would be surprised to learn that outside the world of teaching and performing, that Gabriel is actually quite shy. This comes as a surprise to many because he projects such a confidence and assertiveness that makes him seem anything but shy, especially while he’s performing on stage or instructing class. His students appreciate his clear, detailed instruction accentuated with his commanding presence and overflowing passion… much like tango itself.


Did you know?

Favorite dancer – Mikhail Baryshnikov

Other hobbies – playing percussion

A guilty pleasure – playing fútbol, he added, “even though it could be bad for your legs being a dancer”.