While summer comes to end, the 28th annual National Ballroom Dance week, running from September 15 -24, 2017, is just getting started.

Celebrating the widespread impact of dance and its beneficial effects on social, physical and mental well-being, the week is marked by special events held at studios, dance clubs and other establishments across the country. Instructors, event organizers and community leaders are joining forces to deliver a week full of workshops, public demonstrations, social dances and more to raise awareness about the positive effects of dance, while engaging the community by introducing more people to the dance world.A special highlight for many are the amount of free events, discounts, give-aways and other special promotions offered at participating dance centers throughout the country. There are also numerous activities, as well as media coverage, and in some cases even local government support. Dance studios and companies alike are encouraged to post their events that will be taking place during this time. Many of this years events include showcases and free dance classes throughout various communities all across the country, and are a great way to bring communities together for a worthy cause.
Flash mobs are another a popular way to celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week. Put on by various groups across the country, they are a great way to expose countless newcomers to dance and get them involved in a fun, casual way.
USA Dance is planning a swing dance flash mob in honor of National Ballroom Dance Week at the University of Oregon’s Gerlinger Hall. While the Arizona Dance Coalition kicked off NBDW with a free dance social in downtown Tucson. The evening began with free lessons for beginners and advance dancers, and culminated with a social, stocked with drinks and refreshments.
The New London chapter #3026 of USA Dance in Connecticut held their NBDW event with a series of flashmobs – four to be exact, in just one day! On September 17th, participants gathered at the Crystal Mall in Waterford, New London, Connecticut and performed four separate flashmob dances back to back, within a span of about two hours at different locations throughout the shopping center.
Many of the participating ballrooms and studios have line-ups filled with showcases including performances, demos, contests, raffles, door prizes and more. In efforts to get more people out and about dancing all over town, a group of studios in Missouri have joined forces in a fun promotion, encouraging participants to visit participating studio to get their USA Dance business cards stamped at each stop. They can turn their stamped cards at the Sunday workshop for a chance to win a special door prize. Each stamp gets them a ticket into the drawing for the door prize. Visit http://www.hometowndailynews.com/event/national-ballroom-dance-week/ for a list of participating area studios and ideas.
What are your plans for National Ballroom Dance Week? If you’re dance calendar is not yet full for the week, look no further than your local ballroom studio to find out if they are doing anything special. Or just check out USADance.com.