Whether you’re a frequent dancer who is familiar with a variety of styles, or you’re a novice who would guess that the Carolina shag is the name of a bad haircut, it can be agreed upon that a lot could be learned from a sparsely offered Carolina shag workshop.

The Carolina shag is a partner dance that is thought to have originated in the Carolinas in the 1940’s, and is said to epitomize the timing of Lindy Hop and the smoothness of West Coast Swing. It derives from the Carolina jitterbug and is danced to Beach music in 4/4 time signature. Although it’s a derivative of swing dance, it isn’t as commonly taught in comparison to more mainstream styles at typical dance studios. So this is just one of many reasons to mark your calendar and be sure not to miss ATOMIC’S upcoming Carolina shag mini camp.
Starting with a beginning Carolina shag taster on Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27th, new and experienced dancers can give this high energy dance a try in a an introductory 45 minute class. This followed by a savory entrée on Saturday January 28th, in the form of a Carolina shag workshop, which will cover basic patterns, musicality and an intro to footwork patterns. This very special workshop is from noon-4 PM, followed by an evening dance at 8:30 PM for participants to practice what they learned in class in a relaxed social setting. If that weren’t enough, you get to double your learning pleasure with a second, four hour Carolina shag workshop the very next day on Sunday, January 29th! This one will begin with a review of the previous days lesson, and continue with a focus on extended patterns, flashy vs. trashy moves and special combos.
Participants won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to delve deeper into a dance that will only add to your repertoire, accentuating ones abilities in other styles, particularly other swing dances. No partner is needed and you can register online or in person. Prices are as follows:
Taster Classes: $16 per class
Weekend Classes: $89 pre-sale, $99 at the door, or $60 for Saturday only.
Saturday Evening Dance: $10
Video clip by Agask2