Apart from the actual, emotional exchanging of vows, a.k.a “tying of the knot,” just think, what is the other major highlight of most weddings? Give up? Why it’s the wedding dance of course! Although this can vary in style and substance among different cultures, religions and so on, of all the places where it is a part of the tradition, it tends to be a fairly significant one.

In many cultures, the dance often holds an important, symbolic meaning, through customs and rituals exhibited by certain movements. But even in the cases where it doesn’t, guests enjoy it because it is the moment where they get to let loose and let their hair down after having to sit through sometimes not so exciting, lengthy sermons and speeches.

Whether a result of having two left feet or not feeling confident or sure about how to move, the last thing anyone wants is to uncomfortable on one of the biggest days of their life, for something that should be one of the funnest moments of their life. This is a big reason why seeking some coaching in preparation for the dance is a great idea.

Also, for those who haven’t been to many weddings, or perhaps don’t know much about the dancing aspect, let’s have a look at the Who, Where, What, When, Why and How of a typical Wedding Dance.

The wedded couple to be of course! However in many places around the world, it’s not just the parents who are part of the dance, rather the entire bridal party is often times joins in on part of the official wedding dance. And if not, they will have their turn during the free/social dancing part when everyone joins in the celebration.

It’s a given that the dancing will take place at whichever venue/wherever the wedding is held at. However what is just as important is where the rehearsals, dance practice and other planning will take place before hand, to ensure that things run smoothly on the day off (particularly if it’s going to be a major/big production).

You may be wondering what exactly does a wedding dance consist of? Wedding dances can be as unique and individual as the theme and decor itself. To put together a dance that will be memorable and that everyone can enjoy, it’s good to do some planning ahead of time in order to establish how much time and training will be needed.

If you’re having a winter wedding, then it might feel like you have all the time in the world to prepare. However, if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding (as is most popular), then the time is now! What are you waiting for? It’s a good idea to set something up with a staff member sooner than later so that adequate time can be scheduled with the instructor leading up to the ceremony. You should keep in mind that the amount of lessons and preparation time you’ll need can depend on a number of factors, such the pace at which you and your partner learn, as well as availability of your schedule. You might also want to leave a bit of a cushion to allow for any changes, if needed a long the way.

Why all the fuss? Is all of this necessary when there’s already so much else to think about? It’s your wedding and your choice. But since the dance is such a focal point of most ceremonies, and the part that so many look forward to, it makes sense to put just as much time and effort into it as you would the decor, dresses and other details. But again, with the help of Atomic staff, you won’t have to do much besides show up, dance and have a good time!

This is the easy part, when you leave it in the hands of the pros. Now is the perfect time as ATOMIC has a very special wedding dance workshop coming up on Saturday, April 9th at noon! Covering all the basics you need to get off on the right foot… literally!

The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • 12:00 PM Sign-in/Registration
  • 12:20 PM Waltz
  • 1:00 PM Foxtrot
  • 1:45 PM Break and Refreshments
  • 2:20 PM Rumba
  • 3:00 PM Night Club Two Step
  • 3:45 PM Music Selection & 


This workshop will have you covered with not just one, but four essential ballroom dances considered by many to be the most romantic and wedding appropriate dances around. The Atomic team will have you and your partner looking like smooth and confident in no time! In addition, your workshop wedding dance instructor will go over music selection to help you understand which music goes with which dance, and give you more ideas overall.
In case you want something more detailed and personal, your one stop wedding dance shop can schedule further lessons just for you and your sweetheart.

Whether you choose something elaborate, or even something simple and understated, one thing is for sure that you’ll want to feel prepared. As such, every couple can benefit from at least a few lessons. If nothing else, to allow you and your partner to feel comfortable, free and not worried about stepping all over each others feet during the dance – the moment when all eyes are focused on only you. So just leave it in the hands of the wedding dance professionals, so you can free your mind and more time for other things, and of course enjoying your big day!