Camp Hollywood XVII: An OC Takeover!

If you’re not a Lindy Hopper, or maybe you are new to the scene, you may not have heard that hundreds of swing dancers gathered in Los Angeles this Labor Day weekend at an event called Camp Hollywood. You may also not have heard, that dancers at ATOMIC Ballroom, killed it this weekend at said event. Until now…

Camp Hollywood just celebrated their 17th year as one of the largest and longing running swing dance camps in the world. It is a weekend full of international dance instructors, live music, and competitors. Even more, it is home of the National Jitterbug Championships, so winning a competition here, is kind of a big deal. And we are proud, so proud, that Orange County, and more specifically, ATOMIC Ballroom dancers, kicked some serious butt this weekend! Here are the top 5 winners from each category with your ATOMIC regulars in bold.

The 2014 National Jitterbug Champions are:

Amateur Lindy Hop

1st…Rico Lim & Chloe Hong

2nd…Joris Focquaert & Ona Elzbieta Visnevskyte

3rd…Andrew  Jose & Kelly Young

4th…Nick Hughes & Amber Hoffman

5th…Everest Ling & Brittany Espinoza

Amateur Strictly Classic Lindy

1st…Jong Geon Kim & Hee Eun Cho

2nd…Joris Focquaert & Ona Elzbieta Visnevskyte

3rd…Rico Lim & Chloe Hong

4th…Steven Seo & Kelly Young

5th…Kyle Hankins & Shauna Marble

 Amateur Balboa

1st…Rico Lim & Chloe Hong

2nd…Kyle Delacruz & Nancy-Ann Magnante

3rd…Christopher Stewart & Amy Denissen

4th…Nicholas Centino & Alice Pye

5th…Douglas Matthews & Katie O’Neill

Amateur Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Leaders

1st…Rico Lim

2nd…Joris Focquaert

3rd…Jong Geon Kim

4th…Andrew Jose

5th…Matt Arellano

Amateur Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Followers

1st…Ona Elzbieta Visnevskyte

2nd…Helena Verheyen

3rd…Jamica Zion

4th…Kelly Young

5th…Monchette Gonda

Open Lindy Hop

1st…Stephen Sayer & Chandrae Roettig

2nd…Dax Hock & Sarah Breck

3rd…Soochan Lee & Hyunjung Choi

4th…Rebecka DecaVita & Emelie DecaVita

5th…Remy Kouakou Kouame & Moe Sakan

Open Strictly Classic Lindy

1st…Adam Brozowski & Giselle Anguizola

2nd…Remy Kouakou Kouame & Laura Keat

3rd…Justin Zillman & Natalia Eristavi

4th…Rebecka DecaVita & Emelie DecaVita

5th…Stephen Sayer & Sara Lerner

Open Balboa

1st…Jacob Wigger & Valerie Salstrom

2nd…Chris Grover & Beth Grover

3rd…Augie Freeman & Natalia Eristavi

4th…Zack Richard & Heather Ballew

5th…Joseph Zayac & Irina Amzashvili

Open Shag

1st…Stephen Sayer & Fancy Dougherty

2nd…Mike Mizgalski & Irina Amzashvili

3rd…Minn Vo & Moe Sakan

4th…Morgan Day & Natalia Eristavi

5th…David Frutos & Kim Clever

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Leaders

1st…Nick Williams

2nd…Remy Kouakou Kouame

3rd…Stephen Sayer

4th…Justin Zillman

5th…Adam Brozowski

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill Followers

1st…Sarah Breck

2nd…Amanda Marchand

3rd…Laura Keat

4th…Chloe Hong

5th…Nikki Marvin


1st…Dax Hock & Sarah Breck

2nd…Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin

3rd…Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

4th…Soochan Lee & Hyunjung Choi

5th…Justin Zillman & Giselle Anguizola


1st…LA Shag

2nd…ATOMIC Lindy Hop Colliders

3rd…Main St. Rhythm

4th…Denver Swing Project

5th…Hang Ten Hoppers

…and finally…

Miss Camp Hollywood

Nikki Marvin!

Here are some pictures and videos of our students and instructors during Camp Hollywood (and make sure to check out the very last picture for a surprise!):


Andrew Jose & Kelly Young in the Amateur Lindy Finals. They won 3rd Place!

The ATOMIC Lindy Hop Colliders led by James Bianco. They won 2nd place

ATOMIC Regular, Fran Jurnak & ATOMIC Owner, Shesha Marvin about to compete in the Intergenerational Competition!

Open Balboa Winners! ATOMIC teachers, Chris & Beth Grover, Natalia Eristavi, Augie Freeman, and Irina Amzashvili











Miss Camp Hollywood 2014: Nikki Marvin!













ATOMIC Regular, Lisa Montagne , and ATOMIC Instructor, Jeremy Otth with their Showcase routine!

ATOMIC Lindy Hop Colliders led by James Bianco

ATOMIC Cherry Bombs led by Nikki Marvin

Showcase Routine by Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin. Second Place!


Surprise! Two of our instructors, Will Ayces & Jenny Knox, got engaged! Here is Will proposing at the end of their team routine!


About the Author:

Hello! You may know me as one of the girls behind the front desk at ATOMIC Ballroom. I have been part of the ATOMIC family since January 2011. Coming in I had only learned some basic, basic Lindy Hop moves and that's it. Eventually I decided I needed to learn more to "fit in." And after that I was hooked! Now I love dance, all styles. Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Ballroom, etc. ATOMIC has changed my life for the better and I am so blessed to be a part of this family. I hope that anything I write on this blog can inspire our readers to grow in their dancing and relate to someone who is far from having it all together. When not dancing or working I can usually be found baking cupcakes, writing/reading, singing, doing non-profit volunteer work, and much more. Next time you see me at the front desk, please stop and say hello! And if it's not busy, please, PLEASE, ask me for a dance :)