Throughout the decades there have been countless dance and fashion trends that accompanied the popular music of the time. Some of the most impactful trends have been dance steps from the past couple of decades. Take a trip back down memory lane with these trendy steps that led the dance crazes of the 1990’s.

The Tootsie Roll
When the catchy tune from Southern rap group emerged it took the pop world by storm with a fun dance of the same name. Basic enough that most anybody could do it and effectictive enough that you felt your body getting a nice workout at the same time! Decades later this party anthem is still requested at party’s, Zumba classes and weddings everywhere!


The Typewriter (a.k.a The MC Hammer Dance)

With the unprecedented crossover success of his rap albums catching fire through the pop world and middle America, MC Hammer helped to ignite a blaze of high energy dance steps such as the infamous type writer (where like an actual typewriter he shuffles back and forth from left to right in a flury of fast footwork from a squatting position). This dance became synonymous with the rapper also known as the ‘Dancing Machine’.


The Electric Slide
In this decade of the line dance, the Electric Slide stood out from the rest. Not only it is extremely basic and easy to learn but it can be
danced to countless genres of music.


Humpty Dance
At first somewhat of a joke, this dance came out with an instructional video for the song of the same name. Wearing silly costumes, rap group Digital Underground created this playful, fun dance to accompany its lighthearted tune.


The Macarena
Danced to an infectious song of the same name, this was one of those song and dance combos that people either loved or hated. It became so mainstream at one point that entire stadiums of people would do it during major sporting events and notable politicians were seen dancing it.


The Kid n’ Play (Kickstep)
Featured in the franchise of “House Party” movies and starring the rapper/actors of the same name, the ‘Kid n’ Play’ Step is a playful partner dance that requires a bit of athleticism and practice.


The Troop
This is one of those steps that some people may not realize that they know. It can be found in a plethora of music videos and live
performances throughout the nineties. Executing this stationary step requires you to swing your torso back and forth from left to rights while raising your knees in the opposite direction.


Da’ Dip
Another dance created to accompany a song of the same name, the Dip is literally just that. During the part of the song where the singer says “I dip, we dip, you dip”, dancers are instructed to put their hands on their hips, bend their knees to squat low making a grinding, rolling motion.


The Train
This catchy song took the airwaves by storm in the 90’s spawning a dance craze that spread from the streets to dance clubs everywhere.
Participants simply hold their arm up in the air and repeatedly pull it down like Cho Choo train conductors as they make their way across the floor.


The Running Man
In the late 1980’s and 1990’s it seemed that every pop and urban music artist was doing the Running Man. Featured in everything from music videos to film and television, this dance is practically synonymous with the 90’s and acts like Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown, Vanilla Ice and more.


The Vogue
Created by flamboyant men in New York City clubs, then later brought to the mainstream by pop star Madonna, the Vogue became a symbolic gesture for oppressed people as much as it was a dance.