With the wonderful warmth of summer still upon us, the sound of wedding bells fills the air. In addition to the preparation, food and critically key nuptials, another important matter are the festivities – which are commonly kicked off by a series of dances. So what do you do if you’re one of those people that hates to dance? Or if you like the idea of dancing, as long as it’s not you doing it? This is where a little time in a dance studio can make a big difference.

With more and more of our daily lives being recorded on smart phones and shared on social media, once insignificant traditions like wedding dances have become important focal points of ceremonies everywhere. More and more people are seeking expert guidance from ballroom instructors and other professionals, and are spending more time and money to ensure that their dance becomes the next viral video sensation, or at least a memorable experience that will have guest talking for years to come. The infamous video clips posted below show people with some dance experience and others with none at all, and range from the most basic line and street dances to intricate choreography. These popular internet sensations are great examples of what inexperienced dancers can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time with a little dedication, and are a also great fun to watch!

Whether you’re in the wedding party, or are just a guest, it is highly probable that you may end up on the dance floor at some point, and forever captured on video and photos that will see the light of day again. So if you happen to be rhythmically challenged or can’t get the nerve to even approach the dance floor, try following the following tips that have worked for countless others who also feel anxious dancing.

Take dance classes
This is the first and most obvious answer. Yet there are people out there who have never taken lessons of any kind. Whether large or small group classes, adding a few to your schedule will not only teach you what to do for the big day, but will also get you in better shape for it and whatever else may follow.

Turn it up a notch with private lessons

Whether you’re a total beginner in a particular dance style, or perhaps don’t do as well in group settings, private lessons are likely just what you need. They provide more time and can be customized to your individual needs and pace of learning. If you don’t have much time before the wedding, quinceañera or other event, this is definitely the quickest way to learn the most in a less time. Many studios like Atomic have special promotions and packages just for weddings.

Watch other videos

Checking out videos from other weddings and events online can offer inspiration for different themes and dance styles, as well as other ideas such as fashion, decorations and more. It can also be a great way to pick up a few new basic steps.

Practice, practice, practice

Since this motto applies to most everything else in life, it’s no different when it comes to dance. The more you practice, the better you will get. Simple.  It can be extra helpful to grab a mirror and watch yourself doing moves in front of it. Filming yourself move then watching the playback can be just as useful.

Shake it up while out on the town

Go out to a night club, dance social or other party to put your new moves to the test. Dancing in various places will help you build confidence moving, particularly while in front of a crowd.

Have a drink to loosen up

I’m not saying go get drunk. In fact an energy drink or even coffee could do the trick. However if you’re of age and are so painfully shy or inexperienced that the thought of dancing in public sounds worse than having a root canal, then you might need a little additional encouragement. (Courage being the key word)!

Find a friend or friendly face

Looking out into a crowd for a familiar of friendly face can help ease nerves. Focusing on a loved one or even smiling stranger can be very comforting and encouraging, as opposed to catching a blank stare or someone with an unhappy expression which could have the opposite effect. Try grabbing someone you know, or would like to get to know by the hand and invite them to the floor with you so that you don’t feel so exposed.

Dance as if no one is watching

You may feel like all eyes are on you, but unless you are the bride and groom who will have everyone’s attention and focus, it is likely that no one will really notice you much. So the best thing to do is to let loose and enjoy yourself. After all, it is a celebration!