In continuation of our series of articles on dancing in filmsmovies and Disney flicks – and in honor of Atomic Ballroom owner, Shesha Marvin’s love for tango – we’d like to present Dances with Films: The Tango Edition!  So sit back, relax and enjoy the sensual dance of love, passion and tangled feet!

7 Films Which Will Tempt You to Try Tango

Scent of a Woman – 1992

Tango (the motion picture) – 1998

“La Cumparsita”

“Trio de Tango”

Shall We Dance – 2004

Mr. & Mrs. Smith – 2005

Take the Lead – 2006

Easy Virtue – 2008

Street Dance 2 – 2012

Tango at Atomic Ballroom

Whew…is it hot in here or was it just the dancing?! If you want to work on your Abrazo (that distinct tango embrace), Barridas (those sexy tango leg sweeps), Ochos (some swiveling figures) and more, then check out the Argentine Tango Program at Atomic Ballroom! Our instructors can help you get the basics, refine your technique and prepare you for our local milongas. In addition to classes we offer workshops, social dancing and special holiday parties for Orange County and LA tango lovers.