Orange County has been bitten by the tango craze, as more and more swing dancers cross over to learn their ochos and practice their news skills at Tango Invasion , Sundays at Atomic Ballroom.  For those of you who are not familiar with tango or those who are just obsessed with seeing more tango, here is a Tuesday Video Mashup of some inspirational tango clips.  

Tango Inspiration

These clips inspire me to try more tango!  I, personally, love the connection, embrace and old-fashioned social dance attitude.  So here are some new and old clips to inspire you to come out to Tango Invasion Sundays for tango classes and social dancing.

Tango vs Charleston

Victor Sylvester doing Tango

Street Tango

Ok Go – Skyscrapers

SYTYCD – Pasha and Lauren

SYTYCD – Tango Nuevo Performance