Happy Father’s Day from Atomic Ballroom!

//Happy Father’s Day from Atomic Ballroom!
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A Father’s Day Tribute to Dancing Dads in 2013

He didn’t tell me how to live, he lived, and he let me watch him do it – Clarence Budington Kelland

Father’s Day is a special time of year when we get to thank our fathers (and father figures) for their strength and perseverance, their understanding and their support. Thanks to all the Dad’s out there who have helped shaped us as individuals and as dancers!

Here at Atomic Ballroom, fathers and children get to bond over a love for dancing, music and family fun. Our lovely owner, Shesha Marvin, has his hands full trying to run a business, but he is a father too – and raising 2 beautiful children can be demanding. He and his wife Nikki sometimes have to make sacrifices – i.e. not having time to dance together so someone can stay with the kids or not travelling for dance competitions as often – so they can keep a balance between family, work and hobbies.

Despite the complications, Shesha gets to spend time at home and in the dance studio with his children, and from the time they were born, these kids were exposed to dancing. He can often be seen swinging his daughter around the dance floor or wearing his son in a pack as he swings-out with mom. It is an amazing and inspiring sight!

Read more about Shesha’s experiences as a dad and businessman bringing up children around the dance world. He even has a chance now and then, to write a few of his owns words.

There are many Dancing Dad’s at Atomic Ballroom

Some father’s bring their sons and daughters out dancing in a show of solidarity and other’s just live for dancing. Justin Zillman has been an Orange County social dancer for MANY years and his son Jamie is now taking up the torch! Justin spent many years coaching his son in tennis. There was no reason to force dancing upon Jamie, however, after many years a personal interest in swing dancing grew and now father and son can often be seen swinging out side by side at Atomic Ballroom. It is a wonderful sight to behold – you may even mistake one for the other at a quick glance!

So Happy Father’s Day to ALL of our dancing dad’s and those who support our choice to spend hours in a ballroom walking in circles. For fun, here are some recent clips of fathers and sons and daughters sharing a passion for dance…

Daddy-O’s Boogie Down at So You Think You Can Dance Auditions

Two Dad’s Support Their Daughters

Father and Son Hip-Hop Battle…Dad is pretty darn good!

Dancing Becomes a Family Affair – A Father Auditions on SYTYCD with his daughter

This is probably one of the neatest things I’ve seen. Dancing parents have a chance to transmit an appreciation and joy for dancing to the next generation…the beginning of that journey is moving.

Finally, the Mia Michaels routine in memory of her Father

Happy Father’s Day Daddy-O’s! We Appreciate ALL That You Do!

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