Most Popular Tango Salon Videos

//Most Popular Tango Salon Videos

The unique close position cross-body lead-follow technique used by some balboa dancers always piques my interest in other similar dances such as Tango. And when it comes to any dance, I am particularly drawn to styles which retain the look and appeal of their origins while pushing the envelope by adapting to musical evolutions. In the case of tango, tango de salon is an improvised modern social tango dance which seems to thrive with unique personal styles which play homage to the casual conditions of their predecessors.

Here are some of the most popular tango de salon dance clips on the Internet for a little inspiration.
1. Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa (793,473 views)

2. Javier Rodriguez y Geraldine Rojas (280,453 views)

3. Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida (133,225 views)
Slowing things down…

4. Natacha Poberaj & Fabian Peralta (84,729 views)

5. Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez (51,685 views)
I really enjoy this couples vintage aesthetic! From their vintage dress to their natural dance lines (not over-stressed performance style) they are absolutely captivating.

2. Fabian Peralta and Virginia Pandolfi (22,166 views)
Virginia’s hips and feet swing and sway in the enticing way you’d imagine a salon girl would’ve done for customers back in the day.

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