Dances With Films (revisited) – Classic Films and Dance

Movies That Tap, Twirl and Swing Into Our Hearts…

Welcome back March Mayhem celebrating a variety of dance styles on film! Last up this month – Some of our Favorite Dances From Classic Films! We all know there have been countless inspiring dance performances sprinkled throughout movies released after 1970, however, since the inception of sound on film in 1929 until the late 1960’s, music and dancing were the popular method of engaging audiences.  There are far too many incredible, inspiring, emotive and athletic dances portrayed in movies from this period which deserve our accolades.  And so we bring March Mayhem to a close with a variety of solo and partnered dance numbers in classic movies.

We’ve got some of your favorite, most memorable dances on film with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and the like.  And hopefully there are a few clips of films you haven’t seen (in a long time) of popular swing movies which spread dance to any audience with a movie theater or Nickelodeon.  These dances with films have everything – from solo jazz to tap, tango, fox trot and some seriously jammin’ lindy hop – we’re taking Dance with Films old school!

So let’s get started.  Here are some of our favorite dances from classic films …

Starting Out Solo

Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Audrey Hepburn expresses herself through dance in Funny Face (1957)

Ballroom Duos and Jazz Hands in Classic Films

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers doing “The Continental” in The Gay Divorcee (1934)

Jane Powell & Ricardo Montalban dance “El Tango” Two Weeks With Love (1950)

Gene Kelly & Judy Garland try jivin’ in Summer Stock (1950)

Vera Ellen & John Brascia go jazz crazy in White Christmas (1954)

Donald O’Connor and Peggy Ryan Jitterbuggin’

Jitterbug performance in Jivin’ Jack and Jills (1942)

Swing to “Love Laughs at Anything” in What’s Cookin’ (1942)

A little “Rude, Crude and Unattractive” from Mr. Big (1943)

A new meaning to “La La Palooza” from This is the Life (1944)

Happy Easter!  Merry Spring!  And Happy Passover Holidays!

Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in Easter Parade (1948)