…is Here and the Time to be Inspired is Now!

Inject some creative fire into your lindy hop with tracks for all levels of social dancers, competitors and teachers.  I am so pleased Shesha, Nikki, Mikey and James are able to continue offering Inspiration Weekend as a vehicle for attendees “to be inspired by the dance, either for the first time or to find [their] inspiration all over again.” Now is your chance to be playful with your dancing, try new and interesting techniques, learn a new dance style and learn how to share your inspiration with others.

The Inspiration Weekend Experience

Most dance camps organize workshops by levels with highly competitive contests needing some fierce preparation, but Inspiration Weekend offers  new outlook on dance camps.  Classes are geared towards helping students achieve their goals rather than define their level of capability.  Competitions are fun and casual allowing students to showcase their strengths in individual contests, super fun jack n jill’s or tournament style throw-downs.  And nightly entertainment with the nations best DJs and swing bands will keep the creative juices flowing from one day to the next.

The Classes

Inspiration Weekend is geared to inspire dancer at any level to develop and reach their personal lindy hop goals.  Each of the instructors offer students a unique and varied approach to dancing, learning new skills and being creative.  And the tracks are designed help individuals become comfortable with their first steps, improve their social dance skills, elevate their competition material or breakdown complex concepts for teaching or higher personal learning.

  • There is a crash course for those people taking their first steps in lindy hop to feel comfortable with basics
  • A social dance track for those wanting to improve the connection, confidence and creativity on the social floor
  • A track for competitors looking to take their routines and performances to another level
  •  And really cool teacher’s track for understanding how to breakdown and rebuild movement, musicality and more

The Contests

Show off what you’ve learned and inspire the rest of the crowd with your hard work, creativity and personal style! The Apple Jack solo jazz contest on Friday night is my personal favorite, but then again there is the awe-inspiring 30 Second Showcase and weekend long tournament…hm, too much

  • The Lindy Hop Tournament (Fri, Sat and Sun)– tournament style strictly lindy competition over 3 days
  • The 30 Second Showcase (Sat)– give it all you’ve got in a 30-40 second routine
  • The 24 Hour Jack n Jill (Sat and Sun)– finalists get 24 hours to get a connected feel for their new dance partner
  • Pro/Am Jack n Jill (Sun Afternoon)– just like is sounds! Pros and Ams show how they support, grow and inspire each other
  • “Make Frankie Proud” Trick Contest (Sun)– show off those crazy moves and air steps you’ve been working so hard to refine
  • Apple Jacks and Solo Jazz (Fri)– display your personal swagger break a leg all by yourself
  • Blues Battle (Sat Late)– where competitors show us how it’s done when the lights turn low

The Dances

3 Nights of lindy hopping with the best DJs in the west and Jonathan Stout ensembles – who would want to miss that?!

Friday – 8:30p till Late at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine

Saturday – 8:30p to Midnight at the  Women’s Club in Orange with Jonathan Stout and his Campus 5

Saturday Late Night  – 1am till early Sun at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine

Sunday – 8:30p till Midnight at the Women’s Club in Orange with Jonathan Stout and the Rhythm Busters


Whether you are new to dance, new to lindy hop or an old hat looking for some new tricks, head on over to Orange County for some inspired lindy hop.  Fall in love for the first time, or all over again!