It’s Time to Register, Join Your Team and Begin Seeking Donors!

Atomic Ballroom is proud to announce the upcoming 24 Hour Cancer Dance-A-Thon, beginning at noon on November 17th, 2012!  We are already on our way to raising over $225,000 to reach Atomic Ballroom’s 7 year goal of donating $1 Million to the City of Hope Hospital for Cancer treatment and research.

24 Hours to Lindy Hop for Hope have never been so much fun!  Since 2005, dancers – and their friends and families – have gather in Orange County to have a continuous dance-a-thon with live bands, contests, performances, lessons and games as teams and individual compete to raise the most donations for a good cause.  If you haven’t joined a team or made a donation already, it’s not too late!

The 24 Hour Fitness Ultra Sport near John Wayne Airport and the 405 Freeway is proud to host the event again this year and we’ve even found several FREE PARKING options for those looking to save some money when joining us for all 24 hours.  And if you haven’t joined a team, it’s not too late!  Head over to the official site to sign up and lend your support to teams in need!

Special Guests & Highlights for this years Cancer Dance-a-Thon

This year Atomic Ballroom is excited to have local Orange County swing dancer, instructor and performer – Nick Williams – as a teacher during the dance-a-thon!  Nick happens to be one of the world’s most accomplished swing dancers and he has cleared his schedule to donate his time for us this year.

Other exciting and fun events…

  • Live Music!!!  Jonathan Stout and the Campus 5, Maureen & the Mercury 5, and Chris Williams Jazz Band are just a few of the bands joining us this year.  More will be announced soon!
  • Swing Karaoke!!  Eli Charne will be hosting a karaoke contest with swing music to keep the dancers moving but lots of fun for those looking to show off their beautiful voices.  Check with him on facebook to set-up your favorite song!
  • T-Shirt Cutting Contest & Parade!!  Bring your scissors and design skills to turn this years Cancer Dance-a-thon T-shirt into something really special.  This contest just gets crazier and crazier every year!
  • Boogie Steps Relay Race!!  Not only is this the fun relay race of your childhood but it’s also a good chance to learn some basic authentic jazz steps.
  • Silent Auction!!  In the room next to the dance floor, there will be items available for a silent auction.   Arrange to bring in a donation – such as baseball tickets or a movie package with tickets and dinner reservations.  Or bid on the packages of your choice and the proceeds also go to the City of Hope!
  • PANCAKE BREAKFAST!!  Included in your participation is my favorite pancake breakfast.  Just about the time you think you’re going to drop and you can’t dance any longer, it’s time to refuel with yummy pancakes, eggs, and etc downstairs.  Be sure to set your alarm if you’ve decided to take a nap!

Just remember, you don’t have to dance for the entire 24 Hours (that’s why we have teams), but it’s fun to stick around and enjoy all the festivities!  If you get tired, there are dark rooms – so bring a pillow and blanket – but mostly this is your chance to bring your heart and dancing feet to a good cause.  Check out the event FAQs for more information.

Let’s raise $1 Million Dollars for Cancer Research and Treatment!  Join Atomic Ballroom on November 17th, 2012 for the 7th Annual Cancer Dance-a-thon.  See you on the dance floor as we all dance ’till we drop!