Gary Cooper Ascot

Reviving the Fashionable Male

Many years ago, before the ‘casual movement’ when T-shirts and unbuttoned collared shirts became the standard work, sport and weekend ware for men, most men pulled their appearance together with neckties and other various accessories (hats, kerchiefs, etc).  When you see a vintage clip of social dancing at the Savoy Ballroom, you will notice that everyone is dressed sharply – minus the occasional Keds – with suits, collared shirts, neckties, hats etc.  Going out dancing was an event even if you were just going to practice and sweat the night away!

While much of the real vintage clothing has disintegrated, you can pull together any outfit with the right accessories.  It is GREAT to see men of all ages embracing tweeds, vests, ties, bow ties, ascots and sweaters inspired by classic fashion with a relaxed playfulness of modern conditions.  Throw on a tie and vest with that pair of jeans.  Get funky with a bow tie when you’re not wearing a tuxedo.  Switch up your typical necktie for a vintage silk ascot and sweater – sure you might think you look preppy but who wouldn’t want to look like Gary Cooper?!

Get inspired to bring a touch of vintage style to your everyday work outfit or dancing duds…

How to Tie an Ascot, a Bow Tie and Other Classic Tie Knots

The Classic Ascot – The classic ascot is great for night or day dress as well as casual sports wear.  It is suspiciously simple to do but adds so much charm to an ensemble.

The Bow Tie – Not just for professors and tuxedo formals anymore!  I always thought they were hard to tie but I immediately proved myself wrong and learned to do this several times in a few minutes.

Classic Neck Ties – There are numerous ways to tie a man’s classic bias-cut necktie.  When choosing your knot you want to be aware of your body type, the width of your collar and the material of the tie.  Simple knots work with solid color ties, narrow collars, hearty fabrics and narrow body types.  Wider knots can handle silk, patterns and prints, match a wider collar as well as larger body types…

The Dimple (Half Windsor) – A great everyday simple and narrow knot with a distinct “dimple” folded or held in place.

The Full Windsor – The most distinguished and classic knot

*Vintage neckties are not just for men…women can always accessorizes too!  Ascots and Scarves were very popular, as were loose bow ties and various classic style ties…