Which Salsa Competition or Performance have the most views on YouTube?

One of the most amazing things about becoming a dancer today is the unlimited number of resources we have to learn more about the dances we love.  And YouTube has been key in our ability to share videos of dances, competitions and performances with people around the globe.  For those of you interested in learning a new dance, becoming better versed in salsa or just enjoy studying other talented dancers, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Most Viewed Salsa Dance Performances and/or Competitions.
*Criteria:  All Salsa styles, performance or competition (any category) only- no social dancing or lessons

  •  World Salsa Championships 2007 6,863,766 hits

  • Salsa Colombiana Campeonata 20073,686,051 hits

  • World Salsa Championships (semi finals) 20063,319,654 hits

  • Dancesport Championships 20072,660,759 hits

  • So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Audition – 2,433,928 hits

While each of us may have our own personal opinions about the dancing in these videos, it is interesting to consider what draws people from all around the world to watch or share a particular clip over and over. Each of these clips of professional salsa dancers at their best and each is compelling in its own right and I hope you are curious to learn more or give Salsa a try!

Note: While searching for these videos, I came across two related videos with lots of views as well. The first is a Bachata Performance and one of the highest viewed dance videos on YouTube with 35,597,069 views! The other video that kept popping up was a Lindy Hop video of all things?! I’m not sure how YouTube finds this video as relevant to Salsa, but there it was every time I searched.

Salsa At Atomic Ballroom

Many of you are familiar with Salsa Atomica on Wednesday in Irvine but coming up this month you have an additional chance to bring the passion with Friday Night Salsa in Placentia!! Join us for a class, then dance the night away on the social floor.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Salsa Workshop for Ladies on February 11 with Espie Hernandez. Brush up on your sexy styling before that special Valentine’s Day dance!