The Lindy Hop Showcase…2 to 4 minutes of no-holds car choreographed routines offering precision partnering, musicality, and above all, INNOVATIVE & INSPIRED dance skills.  In contrast to the Strictly Lindy Competitions – where partners mainly improvise their steps and aerials to the music provided – or the Classic Divisions – where partners perform choreographed routines without any air-steps, the Showcase Competition is a chance for dancers to prepare creative and/or difficult moves to WOW judges and spectators.  It’s a performance and almost anything goes!

So how do you pick the best of the best?  What makes a Showcase routine memorable?  Is it the music?  Or the energy of the partners?  Maybe its the aerials?  How would you choose?  There is over 10 years of lindy hop showcase competitions (from several continents) to consider…so I have gauged the performances by the ability of the dance partners to connect with their audience through their unique storytelling or innovative dance moves.  Perhaps I have made some unconventional choices, but in my mind, these showcase routines will continue to inspire dancers for years to come.

*Check out the Honorable Mention List Below for more great routines

TOP 5 All Time GREATEST Lindy Hop Showcase Routines

#1 – Andrew Thigpen & Karen Turman “Evolution of Lindy Hop” ILHC 2010

There is nothing more epic than melding viral videos with lindy hop history!  Andrew and Karen take us through nearly 100 years of Lindy Hop dances seen on video.  You can see all the clips they were inspired by here.



#2 – Max Pitruzella & Annie Trudeau ILHC 2008

These two know how to put on a show with Max’s musicality and Annie’s no fear gymnastics background.  They take aerials we know and love, then push them further with their own musical twists.


*Can they top that?  Watch them take 1st again the next year!  Max & Annie ILHC 2009


#3 – William Mauvais & Maeva Truntzer ESDC 2011 (or ILHC 2011)

Energy, Endurance, Fast Feet, Fun Air Steps and just plain Entertaining! I look forward to more creative showcase routines from these Boogie Woogie dancers.


*My introduction to William & Maeva…these two can dance their pants off!!!


#4 – Kevin St. Laurent & Carla Heiney NADC 2003

This classic seems to stand the test of time.  It has been parodied by many others, including Andrew & Karen’s “Evolution of Lindy Hop”  – I myself can’t help but picture Kevin & Carla when I hear this song.  Both dancers have gone on to make many great routines with other partners, still, this dance live in our collective memories.



#5 – Morgan Day & Emily Wigger NJC 2011

Despite the technical difficulties, Morgan and Emily delivered one of the most unique themes for their routine…Super Mario Brothers!  Perhaps it’s all the 8-bit sounds and recognizable theme music, but these two managed to capture their audience and the Gold Budgie Award for embodying the spirit of jitterbug at CH/NJC.  They certainly got my attention and I will remember this routine forever!  1 UP!



Honorable Mentions

Yuval Hod & Nathalie Gomez 2000

Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell 2008

Michael Darigol & Britanny Johnson 2011

Nick Williams & Laura Keat 2010

Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar 1998

Remy Kouakou & Sarah Montelban 2008

Eli Toftemo & Alf Lervåg 2010

Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl 2006

Todd Yannacone & Naomi Uyuama 2005

Dax Hock & Alice Mei 2008

Peter Kertzner & Alice Pye 2011